The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration continues to be the largest university-sponsored event in the nation to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King.

Each year, a dedicated legion of volunteers creates a memorable tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. King, giving us the opportunity to find new meaning in his words and inspiration in his work.

Dr. King, through his writings and his speeches, challenged all of us to find the courage to create positive change in a troubled world. He taught us the importance of listening to and learning from others. He shared his dream, offering a glimpse of what was possible. He inspired generations to chart a course of action, to have real impact.

By celebrating Dr. King each year, we honor the values that he epitomized: courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service. These same values define each generation of unsung heroes, also honored by us tonight.

Their stories inspire us to come together, to help each other reach our full potential on this campus and around the world. That is a dream worth pursuing year after year.

– Chancellor Kent Syverud at the 2018 MLK Celebration